Post Construction Cleaning in Wasilla

Have you just finished building your brand-new home or renovating your office in the Wasilla area? What an exciting time! Well, it would be if you could start enjoying your newly constructed space right away. Unfortunately, once construction is complete, you have to deal with a surplus of dust and debris before it can really be yours. No matter how functional the property looks, it will be uninhabitable until it’s properly cleaned.

You have built something amazing and there is no sense in settling for anything but spotlessly clean. Plus, if you have just spent a big chunk of time waiting for construction to be complete, the last thing you want to deal with is figuring out how you are going to get rid of all this mess. Rather than suffer through it yourself, get in touch with SMR Janitorial Service.

For the last several years, whenever construction wraps in either residential or commercial properties in the Wasilla area, everyone knows to call SMR Janitorial Service. Waste getting left behind is just the nature of the construction business, which is why we are proud to help pick up the slack and get your space ready for use.

If you need help getting your newly built or renovated space ready to be occupied, give SMR Janitorial Service a call today and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote for our post-construction cleaning services.

What Post-Construction Cleaning Services Entails

Every post-construction cleanup is different. It depends on the work that’s been done and also the crew of contractors that have completed the job. Certain contractors are better at cleaning up after themselves than others. That said, when you contact SMR Janitorial Service about our post-construction cleaning services, we will conduct an inspection to see what we are dealing with. By tailoring our post-construction cleaning services to the specific needs of our clients, we can make sure that your newly built space is spotless and ready to be enjoyed in maximum comfort.

Some of the more common post-construction cleaning services we conduct include:

Wiping Down Hard Surfaces

Walls and other hard surfaces can serve as dust magnets during construction, which is why when it’s over, we take the time to dry dust it all away. Dry dusting is the safest method of removing dust because it won’t damage the surface. Moldings, cabinets, the interior of shelves are all areas that attract dust and we won’t leave any hard surface un-dusted.

Cleaning Air Vents and Filters

Dust and debris lingers in the air and the particles that don’t land on hard surfaces will find their way into your vents. Removing the vent covers and cleaning them will ease the strain placed on your system from the construction. Plus, cleaning or replacing the air filters will make sure that your new space isn’t buckling from the excess dust and debris.

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Construction is a long process and it’s only made longer when you decide to take the cleanup into your own hands. Let the professionals at SMR Janitorial Service do it for you when you call us today and you can enjoy your new construction sooner rather than later!